Sand training for big bikes with Country Trax


Just the thought of riding sand gives most off-road riders an uneasy feeling, even if you know your stuff – some riders keep their feelings for sand a secret forever,  and as a result never become outstanding off-road riders.  Challenge your fear and attend the BEST course to help you conquer sand! You will even start looking forward coming across this experience.

Riding the dunes on big bikes.. it can be done

You will learn that the ‘sand monster’ is only an imaginary & toothless beast.  The extremely competent & qualified instructors at Country Trax have the teaching skills, patience and the right attitude to teach you the correct techniques to ride it & to love it.  You are able to learn at your own pace.


Country Trax Western Cape offers an annual weekend course specializing in teaching off-road riders to ride sand.  Here are all the details >>

DATE                         20 – 22 May 2011

DURATION               3 days.  Friday 12:00 –  Sunday ±14:00  please note >>adapted start & finish times to accommodate those who are not able to take the whole Friday off!

VENUE                      Klipbokkop Private Mountain Reserve near Worcester.

PREREQUISITE      To get the most out of the training, previous attendance of a Weekend Off-road course is a prerequisite.

BIKES                        This training was designed for adventure/dual sport bikes, but smaller off-road bikes are also welcome.  All brands welcome.

RATE                         R3,350 per rider in a sharing room / R3,950 per rider in a single room. Same rates as the normal weekend course – a real bargain! Includes world class training, 2 nights’ lodge accommodation, all meals from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch, drinking water, certificate and loads of fun.


As for the training facilities, the venue allows for exercises to be started off on hard sand near the dam edge and then gradually move  to the softer sand.  Before you know you are riding cones in loose sand and it’s not scary at all!

Rupert sliding his KLR

The team at Klipbokkop is very experienced in making it as easy as possible for you to get the most out of your weekend.  They provide lekker meals and the place is so beautiful that it makes the learning process a joy.  In addition, the beer is cold when you put your feet up on the stoep overlooking the mountains and the beautiful valley below.

Non riding companions are most welcome to join you for the weekend.  They can relax in the lodge, go for walks in the mountains, watch the training or do a 4×4 training course with PG in one of their vehicles. Please let us know if you wish to book your partner.


We have a brand new online booking system!  Bikebookings still exist, and the new site, Hambanani incorporates Bikebookings.  No need for usernames and passwords.  Simply click, enter your details et voila!

To book, please go to the bottom of THIS PAGE.

Rupert in flight


We have fantastic comments of previous students.

“I arrived at the course with the idea of SAND being something on which is impossible to ride; just thinking about it gave me sweaty palms and a crick in the neck.  Also, I arrived at the course with the firmly entrenched idea that this was not about to change, Sand Course or no … well, how wrong I was!

Thanks to the patience of the instructors and the great venue, I completed the course relishing the challenge and unable to get enough – and looking at the faces around me, I was not the only one.  All the exercises started on the edge of a dam where the sand is wet and hard packed so that it was easy to ride: a great way to get your ‘feet wet’, so to speak.  Progressively we moved to thicker sand, so that by the afternoon we had moved to the beach, which had really thick sand.  But I had hardly noticed – the camaraderie of the group and the motivation and support from the instructors helped me overcome the fear I had built up for this type of riding.  To sum up, my skills and confidence improved dramatically as a result of this course and with it my enjoyment of my bike and of riding it in sand!”  WAYNE 15.5.2010


Bookings and more info     >>  Celia le Roux 082 895 5009

Course info                           >>  Leon Kroucamp  (senior instructor)  083 309 1597

We are looking forward to hearing from you

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