Fanny  (方怡images
Fanny is a former professional volleyball player and played for the Shanghai team that won the China National Championships in 1997.  She graduated from China’s Fudan University in Shanghai with a degree at law and is now an “Investigations Director” with a Swiss Pharmaceutical firm based in Hong Kong.
Fanny was an extremely active member of the sports scene in Shanghai (and now in Hong Kong) and continues to play volleyball for local clubs.
She was Captain of the Shanghai Women’s Gaelic football team that won the “All China Games” in 2010 and was boxing champion at the Shanghai China White Collar competition. She was voted “That’s Shanghai People’s Choice Sport Personality of the year” in 2010 and was jointly awarded (with Rupert) the “Shell Advance Individuals of the Year” Award in 2012.
Prior to 2011 Fanny normally rode a Chinese made bicycle around the streets of Shanghai and the largest motorcycle she had ever ridden was an electric scooter. Now Fanny rides a 1000cc KTM 990 Adventure, arguably one of the greatest and technically advanced adventure motorcycles in the world.
She had never been camping before either, but has now lived out in the wilds in most of the environments and conditions Planet Earth has to offer, including: deserts; mountains; jungles; Africa bush; the Tibetan Plateau; sea beaches; lakes shores, coastal cliffs; and even inside an active volcano in Italy.
Her adventures are followed by millions of people on her Chinese blogs and also in the  articles she writes in magazines such as  “Top 4×4” (越玩越野), New Younger (扭秧歌)magazine, Motorcycle magazine (摩托车)and Endurista magazine (Italy).

Diving in Egypt

Qinghai lake ... more furry friends

Fanny with the new BMW … same weight as the old one, but better off road.

St Catherines in the Sinai, Egypt

Enter a caption

Fanny and her

Fanny and her KTM 990 Adventure, “Stella” in the Masai Mara, Kenya

Crossing the Zambezi River from Botswana to Zambia

Boxing training in Shanghai

Fanny training with the Shanghai beach volley ball team

Boxing Training

Fanny and

Fanny and “Coach” Declan – Shanghai Gaelic Football team

Fanny and the

Fanny and the “gals” of Shanghai Gaelic football team

Fanny winning at boxing competition in Shanghai

fanny volley ball

Volleyball – Fanny’s former profession

A cheeky new motorcycling look… Bordeaux, France

Fanny in full flight in the Namib Desert

Fanny in full flight in the Namib Desert


Fanny ... you have a very dirty face. What have you been up to?

Fanny … you have a very dirty face. What have you been up to? (rocky desert roads of north Kenya en route to Moyale at Ethiopian border)

Fanny looking glam in Shanghai

Fanny looking glamorous  in Shanghai


Fanny on her Vespa 200 navigating around demonstrators on Hong Kong Island

Fanny in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Fanny in Shanghai

Fanny in Shanghai

Fanny and her KLR in the Karoo, South Africa


Rupert     (欧奕礼)



8-19-2008 (658)

Drinking tea in Yunnan


Rupert is an experienced adventure motorcyclist and completed several long distance solo expeditions in various parts of the world.

He is a former Royal Hong Kong Police Inspector, EOD bomb disposal cadre member, and Forensic Investigation and Dispute Leader for various consultancies.

He is founder of the Hong Kong Paragliding Association and competed as a pilot in the World Championships in Verbier and Kyushu Japan in the mid 1990s.  

He is currently the Director of Apollo Advisory Limited (, an investigation and forensic accounting firm based in Hong Kong and continues to be active with various motorcycle expeditions and global adventures. 

He has been riding motorcycles since he was 13 years old and started “adventure riding” at 16 years when he rode a  Mark 4 S (a Dutch 50 cc moped) along the exotic route from Staffordshire in the Midlands to see his grandmother for tea on the south coast of sunny Sussex. A 250 mile journey that took him all day and all night …and it rained pretty much the whole way.

His off-road riding experience began with a vintage Matchless 350 motorcycle which he used rain or shine to collect cows for milking on a dairy farm he worked on as a teenager.

Since then he has ridden an Aprilia 650 Pegasus, Honda Transalp, Kawasaki Versys and a Honda 250 Enduro bike across South East Asia; a 310kph Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa across Europe; and a CF Moto 650 across China and Tibet.

Over the years he has owned many motorcycles, including a Yamaha 1200 Vmax; Honda Africa Twin; Suzuki GS750;  Yamaha XS650; Kawasaki ZXR 750; Honda 1000 cc Fireblade; and a Yamaha 1000cc YZF- R1, the latter in his daily attempt, during that time, to get from his beach hut home in the village of Sek O on Hong Kong Island to his office in the business district of Admiralty in under 10 minutes.

While studying for a degree when he was a police officer in Hong Kong he got a cushy job riding a Honda CBX 750 police motorcycle everyday and gained the rare distinction of having received considerably more speeding tickets whilst on duty than he ever issued.

In 2007 and 2009 Rupert rode solo across Africa, and between 2011 to 2012 Rupert and Fanny rode 53,800 kilometers around the world, each on KTM 990 Adventure motorcycles,  and at the same time raised awareness and funds for their charities …”Half the Sky” and “Autism Research Trust”

Or drinking coffee...

Drinking coffee in Istanbul

Spooky... how did they know I was coming.

Spooky… how did they know I was coming.

Bring your own customs official... in fact its Magdi cadging a life on back of my bike

Problem? No problem. There is always a solution.  In this case bring your own customs official to smooth those border crossings (Sudan)  永不放弃


home in arniston 2

At home in Arniston, South Africa with his KTM 990 Adventure R



Rupert was a founding member of the Hong Kong Paragliding Association and Nationals Pilot.  Picture taken by Rupert’s daughter, Becky on Dragon’s Back at his former home in Sek O on Hong Kong Island


Shanghai Ball

Rupert & Scotty, Hong Kong paragliding team at World Championships in Japan 1995


Fixing Fanny’s bike in the Nubian Desert, Sudan

Working on a bomb disposal wheelbarrow during EOD Cadre days in the Royal Hong Kong Police (1990s)


Austrian Alps


Riding a Honda Transalp in Cambodia

Running, running, running. RHKP Police Tactical Unit … with A Bei (my platoon sergeant)

Police Tactical Unit Passout Parade, Fanling, Hong Kong 1989

A rare email to me..

Drinking coffee ….again…

Platoon Commander in Police Tactical Unit, New Territories, Hong Kong, 1989

BMW meets KTM on the road from Lusaka to Chipata (2007)

BMW meets KTM on the road from Lusaka to Chipata (2007)

Studying Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing

Studying Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing … and dreaming of another motorcycle expedition across Africa

Royal Hong Kong Police EOD team

Dodging storms and lightening in the Namib Desert

Riding through game parks in Zambia

Rupert with his KTM 990 Adventure near his home in Arniston, South Africa

Beijing in business mode… heaven forbid there is a sudden outbreak of honesty. I would be out of a job.

Riding along the rough roads in North Kenya

Rupert & Fanny in Shanghai  – not in motorcycle gear for once





Rupert & Fanny… taking the short cut to Mont Saint Michel, France.



12 responses »

  1. Rik Davis says:

    Great to meet Rupert the other day, shame Fanny was back in China, but another time…… great photos, great stories….. enjoy life, never say would, should or could……. just do it! All the best from your website cousins at! Rik

  2. Blasr says:

    A group of locals, and one very large dog, met Rupert in Kingswood, Buckinghamshire. We watched the Olympics on TV while hearing all about the trip. Sounds brilliant and we are all envious and in awe. Didn’t discover about the paragliding until I read this blog. Shame, we could have lent Rupert one! Take care and enjoy the rest of the trip. Rosemary

  3. Rupert, it was excellent meeting you at the Garmin day out near London today. Hope everything gets sorted and the rest of your trip pans out. You’re an inspiration demonstrating how to enjoy life to the fullest! Keep the shiny side up and keep smiling!! – Micha.

  4. Mandy says:

    Hey Big Bro, fantastic seeing you and Fanny whilst you were here. Hope all goes well for the next part of your trip. have a safe trip back to China. Theres always a room here for you and fanbelt (if she cooks my fav chicken dish again)!!! Hopefully see you next year in RSA xxxx
    Love to you both
    Your little sis xxxxxxx

  5. Kenno. says:

    Ruuuups, that beats working for a living for sure! Glad to see that you are still evading capture and general disgrace. All the best,

  6. Great website – an inspiration for anyone wanting to make the Trip! Thanks!

    Motorcycle Dutchies

  7. Kev G. says:

    Hi, I am Kevin from France, I have been given your blog’s address on a french website. I would like to ask you few questions about motorbikes in China but I don’t know how to contact you.
    You can join me on my email address: or through my blog (in french)

    I hope you will contact me. See you!

    ps: by the way, I ve been professional volleyball player too 😉

  8. Sumit Mitra says:

    Hats off to you both – you are both inspirational, overachievers, possessing courage, a free spirit and a wonderful perspective…I hope to get on the road soon…

  9. Fred says:

    Hi Fanny and Rupert. Nice meeting you at Man Wai yesterday; you guys are definitely an inspiration. All the best in HK! Fred

  10. Anton says:

    Awesome blog. I have been hooked in reading it in the last 2 weeks. A little bit each night.
    We planning a similar trip up to Zanzibar area in 5 to 6 years time.
    Lots of valuable info.
    Fanny you rock girl!

  11. Anton says:

    I am trying to view the videos on youtube but they all come back stating they are “private”. Any chance of making them public?

    I am up to Sudan now … many chapters still to read.

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