4 thoughts on “The Original Route

  1. Hi Rupert / Fanny, the trip looks epic, one question; which company did you use to make the Alexandria Turkey crossing, I have been looking but since the Syria crisis many seemed to have stopped? Any details in terms of contact numbers prices etc would be greatly received.



    • Syria is out. Two other routes are the Libya route from Morocco into Egypt or Turkey, Iran, Saudi and cross to Port Sudan. Both those not available to us as war in Libya at time and Fanny not allowed to ride/drive in strict Muslim country like Saudi. So ferry from Mersin in Turkey to Alexandria … try contacting China Shipping in Mersin. although this is not regular operation. Sadly world is becoming a more dangerous place due to Islamic extremism

  2. Hi Rupert,
    Great to know you from web! I am taiwanese and will move to China soon.
    I would like to ride motorcycle in China. Thus, I am wondering why you change bikes from KTM to CF in China?
    Thanks a lot,

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